You have the ability to specify the default value for a property in DBAccess by responding to theĀ +(NSDictionary*)defaultValuesForEntity method on a DBObject.

Returning a dictionary of NSObject based values with their corresponding property names will default all new objects with these initial values. This includes populating new columns that have been added to the SQLite database when DBAccess automatically refactors tables with new properties.

An example of how to respond to this method is below:

+ (NSDictionary *)defaultValuesForEntity {
	return @{@"age": @(36)};

Valid default values can be of types, NSNumber, NSString, NSDate, NSData, NSArray, NSDictionary.

NOTE: For property types such as int, float, double, long, BOOL etc .. use the return type NSNumber. In the case of BOOL, return either @(1) or @(0) for true (YES) or false (NO).